Civilization VI


Unless you have been living under a rock the last hour (no seriously, 1 hour!) you may have noticed that Civilization VI was just announced. It will be available October 21, 2016. Pre-order is up now so get on it! With that said, I need to call my wife and let her know not to expect me for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years… Just one more turn…


Please don’t suck, please don’t suck. Please don’t pull a Beyond Earth.


Hey looks who is still alive out there! Good to hear from you.

I saw this yesterday on the steam store. I have never played any of the civilization games but I remember @AnkleSlayer playing a bunch of civilization back in the day. I may need to splurge the $7.49 for Civ V to see if like it or not. This is a series you can pretty much start playing at any point right? Nothing builds off of older versions, does it?


Yep still alive. I probably owe everyone an update on the life and times of techfuzz here soon.

$7.49 is a good deal, but to really get the whole experience then all the add-ons are necessary too. Maybe if they have a deluxe edition that includes everything for like $15-$20 you might want to get that.


Advice taken. Purchased everything for $12.49. Sale ends Monday for others who may be interested.


This is the best article I found that went over some of the things we can expect to see in VI.


Well, they censored “Liberty Leading the People” so I’m already a little pissed at FireAxis/2K.


I think that was a steam thing. Saw that mentioned on /r/steam the other day.


I’m not sure. I watch the video on the main game website and it still was censored. Either way its fucking stupid.


Yeah…that area is deliberately fuzzy in the trailer, but it’s obvious what you’re looking at.

If they were so worried about “nudity” as an issue, they could have left this painting out and used a different one.


Okay, so this game has started taking over my life. I wish I had known about how awesome this game is before having a kid so I could spend more time playing it.


You should have started when you were a kid!


All I had when I was a kid was Sim City on SNES. I don’t think there was much available for the Tandy 1000 computer we had in the house.