Civilization 6


Who all is picking up civ 6 this week? I’m still debating whether to pick it up now or not. I could always wait a few years and just pick up all the expansions and the game for one cheap price. I will probably splurge and get it but was wondering who else is.


This is my feeling although I don’t think you will need to wait “years” for that. Hard to believe Civ 5 was out 6 years ago, it didn’t seem that long. Probably because I waited a bit before pulling the trigger on that one. I’m not dying to play the next Civ version so waiting is fine. Overwatch has me completely consumed at the moment.


Between my addiction to Overwatch and the upcoming Battlefield 1 I’m going to pass on purchasing Civ for a while.


/*sarcasm font/ I have heard of this overwatch game. Is it any good?

/*****normal font/

I just haven’t had time to play anything multiplayer in some time now so I think I will probably end up splurging on the new Civ.


I bought it for Esca, so she should be able to provide some fairly immediate feedback.


Seeing as I have damn near 200 hours in Civ5, I suspect there will be some timesink happening. … sooooon.


I have thousands upon thousands of hours of Civ 5 under my belt so it was only natural that I pre-ordered Civ 6 as soon as it was available.


I had figured you were a definite on getting this one as soon as it came out. Seeing as how I managed to get sucked into 5 and I have some additional funds in my paypal account I think I am going to pick this up and maybe call in sick tomorrow.


Yeah, I waited for a Green Man gaming sale, but I’ve got it. I picked up the deluxe edition and I"m just waiting for release now.

I was going to buy this anyway. I own every civ game…


Whenever someone asks me about Civ 5, I just direct them to your steam profile because you have like a quadbillion hours played.


So what’s the verdict on this. Is it a must have or should I wait until the Xmas sale and see if I can get it a bit cheaper?


I just tell my brothers, “send me a trade” and laugh hysterically as they remember countless hours down the drain. Civ5 was ruined for me by that, bc you couldn’t ever trade out of fear. (The trade bug that allowed you to modify the terms of a trade once sent to you and just accept the new terms without their approval.)

Puzzlingly, (Maybe it was only on lan?) that bug existed forever and was buried deep in support forums and I’m still unclear if it was ever fixed. I’ve heard both. Even bought the expansion with hope, but it was too late…noone would ever trade with me again. :innocent:

So, anyway, I’m hesitant to leap on this. My brother has it now so he’s the guinea pig.


@ph34rbot, we will all get back to you after New Years… just one more turn.


Just had to make sure everyone heard about this. Team Liquid is signed a competitive Civ player to their team.

@Super_Cereal I guess Blizzard let SC2 die because they couldn’t handle the competition.


So far so good. Quite a bit different than 5. I only played 5 prior to this so it is the only comparison I have.

This religion thing is pissing me off. I hadn’t paid attention that there was a religious victory and said “Fuck It!” as Ghandi sends his missionaries to my land and starts converting the non believers. Now I can’t even buy a missionary under my own faith to start eradicating his shit from my cities. I have to go wipe that rat bastard out now so I can steal his religion and claim religious victory for myself.

I feel like the game play is a little slower overall than 5 especially in the early years. Wonders take up real estate and seem to take much more production than 5 which will keep civs from hoarding wonders on the harder settings I suspect. The addition of districts is pretty neat since you don’t need to have a city on the coast in order to have a harbor. But the districts also take up real estate so you need to make sure you spread out your first couple of cities to allow for enough expansion room.

As far as it being worth buying for $60 right now I don’t know if it was worth it. I like the game a lot but I have a hard time justifying $60 for any game. I recently sold a bunch of my old game systems, and some other items, on ebay and made about $900. Bought me a nice new rifle and still had some money left over so I decided to pick it up now instead of waiting.


This basically sums up my experience in my first game. For me though it was Ghandi. I haven’t committed genocide on the scale of the article but I have take a few cities and taken a few apostles and now Peter the Great is onto the same tactic. Luckily I am playing the game on a relatively low setting to get used to this one and my technology is pretty far ahead of the others. America is sitting on my borders with battering rams, spearmen and crossbowmen while I have a handful of field cannons, artillery, musketmen and battleships sitting off the coast. Teddy ain’t got shit on me!


Okay, is anyone else keep getting random declarations of war against you? Last night I was playing and out of nowhere Japan, which I have a neutral relationship (on the slightly positive side) as they are on the other side of the map, declares war on me. I never see a troop of theirs, not even a scout. I continue to play without worry because I will fuck up anyone who comes near me. Then 20 or 30 turns later they ask for peace and give me money. Never once did any of our troops do battle. I wasn’t at war with anyone else at the time either. Just seemed very random to me.

I am noticing that the AI players do seem to be a little more aggressive than in 5. I have had surprise war declarations a few times already and I am only on my second game.


I imagine they do that when they figure it’s inevitable for you to win? Had two nations (japan and france) do the same to me. I’ve not played more than once through though.


That would make sense if it wasn’t around turn 100. The AI behavior just seems so random.


Could you be at odds with their hidden personality trait? I though I read that each AI had two traits and the second was random and hidden at the start.

It’s also a Civ game and the AI has never been great.