Civ 6 crash


So I have run into my first big disappointment with this game, I am in the later stages of a game and the game just crashes. I start it back up go through the last turn again and it crashes again. I go back two turns and play through and it still crashes. Turn off autosaves in case that was causing it and it still crashes. I’m sure it has something to do with the latest update.

I hate to start another game when I haven’t finished this one out and I don’t know if the issue will happen again. Is anyone else running into this issue? If so, any way around this?

This will probably help to kill (or cure) my addiction to the game.


Oh noes! D= I haven’t found this issue, myself. Just finished my first game (cultural victory on the lowest settings, 'cause achievements). Hopefully they’ll be able to patch it, if it is a bug. =/


Shen crashed his a while back. If you are playing with domination rules and you try to return a city to a civ that has already been defeated, it breaks the game.