Books You Wish Were Movies


The topic title is pretty self explanatory, what books (no matter how big, small, or implausible) do you wish they would make a movie out of?

I’ve lucked out in that several things I’ve read in the past several years have made their way (for better or worse) to the silver screen. Despite this, I still have an astronomical list, as I have read a ton of stuff that “would be a way better movie than Twilight, ugh”

  1. Sabriel by Garth Nix
    I first read this book in middle school and have read it numerous times since. Probably still one of my favorite books of all time, and I think it would translate decently well to the movie format. And it’s awesome.

  2. Fever series by Karen Marie Moning
    So I am female and like urban paranormal with a tiny dash of “don’t make me stab you” romance. Hot dudes, irish pubs, and stabbing monsters in faces, whats not to love?

  3. The Newsflesh Series by Mira Grant
    Approximately 20 years after the zombie apocalpyse, a group of blogger accompany a presidential candidate on the campaign trail, facing outbreaks, govt conspiracy, and crazed science experiments. Probably entirely too difficult to translate to screen, and the whole almost incest thing might turn people off. Then again the Mortal Instruments City of Bones book is becoming a movie and that has creep incest moments too.

  4. Running with the Demon by Terry Brooks
    A young girl plagued by the dark, a broken knight trying to save her, and a demon bent on destroying them all. Sounds like an episode of Supernatural, which I’m okay with.

  5. The Nightside Series OR The Secret Histories Series by Simon R.Green
    I got @SOCRATEZ hooked on these as well, and to be fair they would each be much better as BBC mini-series. But seriously, a film noir private eye in a secret London underground, or a 'make James Bond drool" knight-ish guy trying to save the world from very very bad inter-dimensional 'why dear god why" monsters? Yes please.

  6. Any Sigma Force novel by James Rollins
    Because they make the Da Vinci Code look like See Spot Run.

  7. Dresden Files by Jim Butcher
    The series was okay if you never picked up a book, but the books are great, so they deserve a fair shot.

I could keep going. I could. But I wont. Because I clearly have a book problem.


I wish I had the time to have a book problem. Maybe the Lords of the North series by Bernard Cornwell? Although, that new Vikings show does a pretty darn good job.


Here to rant about Ender’s game some more…

While I believe movie adaptations may not fit well with the long Shadow saga, the Ender saga itself would make a wonderful movie series. I hope they plan on it, but that depends on the success of the Ender’s Game movie.

Wheel of Time would make a great series as well. A lot of movies…perhaps better as a SciFi original series?


I’m a huge R.A. Salvatore fan myself and I think his Dark Elf trilogy that focuses on the origins of his main character, Drizzt Do’Urden would do well on the big screen. If you have never read any of his books I would start with that and then read the Icewind Dale trilogy.


The Dark Tower Series. This would have to be an HBO series though for it to be done right.

Anything Shadowrun, but some of the trilogies might work, especially the initial Secrets of Power trilogy.

The Secret World Chronicles, by Mercedes Lackey would make a great TV series. If you haven’t bought the books or listened to the podcasts, I highly advise it over on Podiobooks.


I looooooove Mercedes Lackey… But never heard of these! Thanks, Null!


I would love to see them do something with Cohen the Barbarian and the Silver Horde (Terry Pratchett’s discworld) right now, as long as it were done right. I could see them casting like Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood and a bunch of other stars running around as the silver horde.


The Temeraire series, by Naomi Novik. It’s a historical fantasy twist. Basically, it’s the Napoleonic wars, with dragons. And if we actually had live breathing talking dragons, and we used them as weapons in war. Don’t have airplanes? Use dragons and aviators.

This may not be too far off, as Peter Jackson has optioned the rights to the series. If anybody can make fighting dragons properly badass, he can do it.

(They totally fucked up Eragon. You can’t leave out a major plot line in the movie!)

Speaking of Jim Butcher, even the codex alera would be pretty neat to see on the screen.

I would love to see one of Brent Weeks series go to the screen. I don’t know which one would run better, but they’re pretty awesome. I am dying for the next lightbringer novel.

Peter V Brett’s Warded Man Series would probably go over really well.

Joe Abercrombie’s the first law would be interesting as well to see on the screen.


I’ve never known where to start with Salvatore, so thanks for the advice @Ouch. I should probably read the dark tower, and I do love me some Mercedes Lackey, but I haven’t gotten to that series, which clearly I should rectify.

@f0rkz I just started Xenocide a few days ago, it would be a pretty epic series but I’m not sure how far they intend to take the movies. I concur with the idea of a Sci Fi series.

I think I would enjoy any representation of Terry Pratchett (I just watched all his movies so far on Netflix) and Christopher Moore.

@Schlinky I haven’t read Codex Alera yet. I have the audiobooks, I think they might be my next workout playlist.
And yea, Eragon was a disgrace. Seriously.


Dark Tower’s a great read especially if you’ve read other King novels. If you haven’t you’ll be fine, but if you have he wrote that series like a love letter to the reader.

A few caveats:

1: Book 8 The Wind Through The Keyhole is unnecessary. King wrote it after the fact and it just expands one scene talked about in the beginning of book five (Wolves of the calla), and then gives some backstory to Roland’s world. It is not necessary, but if you’ve fallen in love or even just like of Midworld, it’s a nice diversion. It fits right between Wizard And Glass (Book Four) and Wolves Of the Calla (Book Five)

2: Books Five through Seven were written when King thought he was dying after his car accident and further health issues that arose from it. Give him that benefit when you read them. They’re good, but something is a little “off” about the later ones.


King is honestly pretty hit or miss with me, but I’ve heard a good deal of praise from a lot of my bibliophilic friends over that particular series of his, so I do want to give it a shot. I might have them on audiobook. I ‘borrowed’ them.

Oh, also, James Rollins (author of the previously mentioned Sigma series, good stuff) also wrote a fantasy series, the Banned and the Banished, about a young Wit’ch and a (not so) merry band of misfits (an ogre, a shapeshifter, an immortal one-armed knight, elementals) all on epic and rather brutal quests to save their land from the darkness/bane. It starts with a child but it is definitely NOT geared toward that age group. Loads of death, destruction, and nastiness. I’d love to see a tv series, but it will never happen.


@Voldenae If you’re interested in Salvatore he has other great series outside of Forgotten Realms as well like The Spearwielder’s Tale (would be a cool movie), Chronicles of Ynis Aielle and Demon Wars series. All good reads. I’m not so thrilled with his latest works with Neverwinter, his writing seems a bit off with this one, but I may just be partial to his previous characters and not liking change. :slight_smile:


The Audiobook series is good. I have those on Audible. The guy who does book 1’s rewrite, 5, 6, and 7 is okay. Best reader is the guy who does book 2 and 3.