ATTENTION: Game Night Poll


Please visit the link below to complete a short survey about what titles you would like to see featured in Game Nights moving forward. You may choose as many options you like and there is a “Other” option available for games I’ve probably missed. We will use this data to guide our choices moving forward. Please keep in mind that any suggestions should be widely available among F7 members/regulars or Free and should be able to support at least ~4 players at once. Thanks.

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Monthly Game Night

So I stumbled on this game last night and I think it may work well for our Game Nights. Its a free to play game called Loadout featuring customizable weapons, interesting damage modeling and frantic arena style third person shooter action. I managed to play one match tonight and it seems like it could be good fun. Take a look and make sure you vote for it if you want to see it added to a coming Game Night. If you already voted and wish to have this game added to your vote let me know and I’ll edit your votes for you.


Deposited mine!


My brother and I played loadout for a couple weeks. Its a surprisingly in depth game for something made to look so utterly silly. The weapon customization is actually quite excellent and contrary to what you may expect of a game with a trailer like that, it has a ton of strategy for a 6v6 game.


I came across loadout a few months back and downloaded it but never played it. Looked like fun.