Anyone modding FO4 yet?


So, I never modded any games before Skyrim. While the Nexus mods installer made things pretty simple to manage, it seemed like I had to update mods every single time I loaded up the game. …but Convenient Horses was worth it. Every time.

So, the question is, is anyone modding Fallout 4, yet, and if so, what mods are you using that make it worthwhile?


I still have yet to play it, so…


I haven’t tried any yet, as soon as I do I’ll report back.


while an awful lot can already be modded for fo4 (thanks in part to the console commands being freely usable) I’m mainly waiting until the actual development kit is released. So far I’m only using two mods, mainly just quality of life things.

The first mod is longer power lines which helps make settlement building slightly less obnoxious. Lines still have slack in the middle causing them to hang down, but at least you have more than what felt like a 10 foot reach for the lines.

The second I’m using is Value per weight which just helps you see how much something is worth per pound of weight when you are inside your inventory. Just helps you to do inventory management at a glance.


I was kinda expecting FO4 to come with Steam Workshop support since they added it to Skyrim. Since I finally got around to finishing the main story line I’ve been thinking about adding a few mods or maybe even making my own mods, I haven’t modded anything before though so we will see how far that goes. I may just end up waiting until they do add in workshop support.


top kek


I spent more time managing my Skyrim mods than actually playing Skyrim; at least it felt that way.

Fallout 4 is wonderful enough, IMO, without mods.



I feel the same in a lot of ways, which is why I’ve limited my game to two minor changes. I figure once I finish my first playthrough I may look into more radically different mods, but for now I’m content with (basically) vanilla.


When you do start looking for mods don’t forget this one. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been kinda waiting for official release of their development kit, but I have been super tempted to just get the addon that let’s me see all the dialogue.


omg, has anyone found a really good ENB