Another Old Game To Play: Contagion


Want to kill some zombies?

Sure, we all do from time to time. This little gem is a game released April 11, 2014 slipped under the radar for a lot of folks. It features scenario based zombie survival with ‘realistic’ weaponry (no crosshair, aim down iron sights, etc…). That is, if you can find that weaponry.

What’s it all about?

Contagion is a zombie survival first person shooter built on the source engine. Depending on the game mode, you have to survive and complete objectives and work with your team. Odin forbid you become bitten and succumb to infection, you may wind up the hunters instead of the hunted. This game combines a unique versus mode. When you die as a survivor you become a zombie hellbent on stopping the team you just tried to escape with.

There is also a gamemode that plays a lot like the hunger games would. Each player spawns at a random area of the map and their primary objective is to kill the other players and be the last survivor alive.

So let’s play!

We have been playing this game a little bit the past few nights and it has proven to be quite a fun (and a little buggy) game. We have launched a server to ensure we have the best possible latency and want you to join! Jump in our Discord channel and get in on a few games!

Server Information

##Come play with us: