So between fallout 4, Battlefront, No Man’s Sky and some of the other games I am going to be so strapped for cash in the coming months

I originally thought my favorite would be FO4 but after seeing the gameplay and endless opportunity of No Man’s sky it might get bumped down to second. This game will completely re-shape the way we think about open world video games

So tell me what upcoming games are you guys looking forward to?


Funny, because the F7Cast crew has been complaining about how there is nothing to play and literally nothing coming out that looks good (multiplayer wise) to play. I’ll probably play a bit of Fallout 4 but I’m not super hyped. Much more of an Elder Scrolls fan. As far as Battlefront is concerned that’s a giant nope from me. Tune into the Podcast 2 weeks ago to hear all about why. No Man’s Sky looks boring to me. Back to Destiny I guess.


Like that was a fucking argument for you…

“Oh, this new game literally shits gold on my desk? Back to Destiny I guess.”


There’s always Star Citizen!

I’ll show myself out


I’m not entirely sure when it is coming out but Dragon’s Dogma (originally on the PS3) is getting what I understand to be a complete graphical overhaul for the PC. I seem to think it was due around January next year.

Second to that would probably be Dishonored 2. I thoroughly enjoyed the first Dishonored and the aspect of getting to see a new land excites me a good bit! Not to mention the trailer points to both Emily and Corvo being playable in the second with both being given different marks by the outsider.


I am so ready to lose many hours of my life to SimFallout. Not even kidding.

In fact, it’s good for both me and @Super_Cereal that our anniversary is a good 3 days before Fallout Day, because we won’t yet be glued to our monitors…


I dunno. I got fallout 4 on the list. I got into the Legacy of the Void beta, and I was all like “oh, I gotta ladder? Crap, I better go play the AI first so I can get back up to speed”, and I haven’t done anything with it.

Wow is still draining on my soul, but that’s what happens when you go back to raiding with a guild. I’ve got members of my guild that are super excited about the new expansion, “legions”, but I’m sort of ok, it’s another expansion…so what? We get demonhunters, more new raid crap, and another level increase, so what? I guess we will find out more after Blizzcon.

I recently picked up like 2 or 3 games that i’ve been wanting since they came out on sale, and I haven’t done much with them. I played a bit of Pillars of Eternity, but I get sick of being talked to death before I want to go do something. And I hate that also sometimes I get audio dialogue and then the very next thing the character “says” I get no audio dialogue. It totally breaks any sort of immersion I had in the game.

November is NanoWriMo so I’ve got to manage my time.


If you’re interested in No Man’s Sky, be sure to take a look at Elite: Dangerous.

Similar game, has over 100,000,000,000 stars that you could potentially explore, they’re constantly adding content, and it has two advantages over No Man’s Sky:

1: It doesn’t have the neon, art deco, cartoonish look of NMS.
2: It’s actually available.