A tale of woe


I’ve never heard of EVGA offering a warranty for less than one year. I know you had to register certain products within 30 days to apply the lifetime warranty on them but, if you didn’t, they defaulted to either a two or three year warranty depending on the model.


So, FINALLY, after days of repetitious and bitchy calls, the radiator has been bestowed upon me as of 6:30pm. Sadly, @SOCRATEZ could have taken it to the mechanic for me today while I was at work, had it been delivered any of the other numerous times I was told to expect it.

Now we have no clue when we can get it there, but hey, at least now we have it.

Oh and the house problems are finally fixed now too. I’m not sure I’m enjoying the precedent where things have to break at the same time, and thus get repaired around the same time.



I wish we lived closer because I would totally install the radiator in your car and save you a trip to the mechanic.


Thanks for the support and long distance (offer of) help.

I never realized how spoiled I was that my father could work his mechanic magic and make things happen, at least not until we moved away.

All he charged me was parts, my assistance, and dinner.


Dunno where you are at Vold, but radiators are usually quite simple. What make of vehicle?

I too would offer my assistance in the Central PA area.

The hardest part of a radiator job is ensuring that you reclaim all toxic coolant. I use an old plastic infant wash tub for radiator juice. After that it is usually 2 clamps, and 4-6 nuts and/or bolts. They usually will lift straight up, and at times you won’t even need to jack the vehicle up.

I replaced a radiator in my 300zx a few years back, and I never even had to crawl on the ground once. all the clamps were easy to get to. It really can depend on the car however…If it is newer than 15 years old, it would probally be quite simple.

Google for info, and see if you cannot find a video.

I think its a crock of shit that I have to register a product that I can prove that I purchased by a receipt to get a full warranty. Why is it that someone who jumps through hoops on a website should have more warranty than one who does not? The only reason to register anything would be to get the extended warranty…and since I never had a GPU die, I never saw any sense in it.

I simply won’t buy EVGA again. From my experience, 50% of my EVGA cards failed. I have had 100% success with Every other card being PNY. I have had pny 6800 gt, pny 7950gx2, a pair of 8800gt, 3x gtx260. I still have a 260 laying around…The other 2 are still used daily by a friend and a brother. Evga charges more for the same card usually.

I am not impressed by the “SC/TI” models. A few clicks on the mhz don’t make a difference that is worthwhile. I am actually glad I read this thread. I will be working toward a whole new computer, as I have had this bugger for 7 years now…I remember when the 4 gb of ram I had was astounding.


That still is pretty nice. Most cards are only sporting 2 GB of ram. Then again, the ram on your card may be slower than today’s cards.


I assume it’s solely because EVGA allows the warranty to transfer when the card is resold. They would only want the original buyer to have the lifetime warranty.

The 30 day warranty is bull but it should’ve defaulted to a minimum of one year. I’m wondering if the support rep wasn’t mistaken and you could still have got a RMA. Not that they could claim to have good customer service if they make a mistake that simple.


LOL. I was talking about the DDR2 that is plugged into the motherboard.

Its hard to refute a physical receipt with a name that matches my identification AND my signature. It is not that the rep was mistaken. The rep was doing what I refer to as “Delay and Denial”. It is a common tactic with ANY agency that is being FORCED by a customer to follow through with their implicit or implied warranty or other refund.


It’s not that I feel like I couldn’t do it myself necessarily, like I said, my dad always made me help when he was fixing something on my car, it is the lack of proper tools and space. Plus I’d be afraid to not tighten something enough. While I hated to part with the money, I was perfectly willing to pay a professional to do it. I just didn’t know I was given a faulty part.

Luckily the company didn’t give me too hard of a time getting a replacement, unlike the fellows above.


yea I had the EVGA GTX 970 SC and within 2 weeks of having it I could tell it was dying. It wasn’t overclocked or anything now due to size and power restraints the best card I can use is a overclocked 660TI