A tale of woe


All I wanted to do is play video games last night. My computer is out to get me, however. My EVGA GTX770 (only 3 months old) kicked the bucket last night and will not boot into windows.

This thing has to have a warranty, right? NOPE this was a replacement for a previous card I RMA’d for having similar issues. Only issue is the warranty for the new card expires when the old card does. After some lengthy call to a call center in India, I was prompted that I am shit out of luck, have a nice day sir.

Word to the wise, EVGA is having some major manufacturing issues in the 6x and 7x series cards. Avoid at all costs.

Long story short, I am waiting on a replacement to come about.


EVGA has fallen off really imo. I only buy MSI for GPUs now.


Their new 900 series cards seem reliable. What was your original GPU?


GTX670 was the first card that started with these issues. RMA ended in a slight upgrade to the GTX770. Long story short, both of these cards had artifact issues at POST.


Second this. I had the MSI 660ti and it ran without a flaw, and I now have the MSI 970; and so far flawless. Love their cooling design too: the layout was what won me over back with the 660.


Speaking of layout, I like the new background.

…sorry about your rig, @f0rkz. =( Super sour.


You mean for this forum? Its actually specifically for the Hardware Enthusiasts category!


I am aware! hashtag situational. And I appreciated the intent! =D


Limping along on my wife’s 550ti. Don’t tell her shhhhh, I didn’t sacrifice her computer in a blaze of desperation last night or anything…


I had an Evga GTX 550 Ti that kinda did the same thing, (Didn’t try to fix with warranty since cost me less then $100.00) I replaced it with the Evga GTX 750 Ti and has been running great for almost a year now. (Extremely used too) I know I opt’ed for the cheaper models but been working great so far… Hope you get your replacement soon…


What’s your new card going to be or have you not decided yet? Maybe you should get a 980 TI like @Super_Cereal.


Probably due to budgeting, another 770GTX from my local friendly @freeb1rd. Being a daddy is hard on a PC gaming life.


New card acquired. I will be back in the saddle!





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To contribute, my new radiator was supposed to be in today but UPS delivered it to someone who isn’t me.

On the phone with them trying to get it rectified.


Annnnnnnnd not shit resolved. The driver will contact me tomorrow by 10 am. Maybe.

And they’ll find my package. Maybe.

But here’s a not helpful email ma’am. Fuck you UPS


Fed-Ex did this to me last year. If you recall, it was pre-new year’s overnighted coffeemaker which is very important for new year’s lanstravaganza. The driver just failed open and didn’t do their job. I try to avoid ever allowing anything to go Fed-Ex anymore (sometimes you have no choice in shipping provider, tho).


I had similar issues with an EVGA Gtx660TI. I had it a few weeks, and it totally shit the bed. They made me jump through a few verification hoops that involved testing system with another GPU…Lucky for me I usually have a few extras floating around. Then they did not seem to want to give me an RMA until it was professionally evaluated. I took the card to the local computer shop to be raped for $25 to tell me the obvious fact…It was broke as shit.

It was never overclocked or tinkered with at all, and it simply died within 2 months of ownership.

The RMA only had a (IIRC) 30 day warranty which is totally malarkey. This was the second, and last EVGA card I will ever own (first was 7950 Gx2). The next gpu upgrade for me will involve me crawling back to PNY. I never once had an issue with PNY, and honestly don’t know why I even changed.

I have been custom building since my Geforce2. This was the first time I ever had a card die, and I have a past of being especially hard on cards…even when I over overclocked, I never had an issue like the artifacting and death that the EVGA demonstrated. I refuse to allow it to happen again. Fool me once, shame on you…


Yeah, the 30 day warranty is crap. They should at least insure their products for a year…