#9: Killing Floors at 10 Gigabit Speeds


Killing Floor 2’s free weekend celebration brings 10 free copies of Killing Floor 2 in an event recap of epic proportions. We talk about 10 gigabit internet speeds in North Cariolina. A nerd centric gym opens up in California. Tune in and find out if you are the lucky Killing Floor 2 winner!

Killing Floor 2 Free Weekend Celebration

A few short days ago we announced the Killing Floor 2 Weekend Celebration and our raffle for 10 free copies of Killing Floor 2. Since then we have had over 1,000 page views and over 50 entries into the raffle. Thank you to everyone who participated this weekend both in the raffle and in game on one of our 58 Killing Floor 2 servers. I’m here to officially announce the winners of the raffle. First, I’d like to mention that we had some great entries and it turned out tougher than we thought it would be to pick the best caption. That being said we have decided that s1deffect’s “Meth, not even once” image was the winner and thus he will be given a free copy of Killing Floor 2. Below, I have posted each of the 9 individuals that won the remaining copies. Congratulations for all our winners. If you were not one of our lucky winners you still have a few hours to get in on the free weekend and to pick yourself up a copy of Killing Floor 2 on sale!

To our lucky winners, you will find a PM from myself waiting for you with details about how to redeem your copy of Killing Floor 2. Please be prompt in your communications. Failure to respond as instructed may result in your key being given to a runner up entry.

Best Caption – S1deeffect

Raffle Winners



This is how our Best Caption winner @s1deffect responded to the news he had won.


I just about died reading this. Best reception speech ever.




where’s the 9th raffle winner, there’s only 8 there


Sorry, we left off @Josef_Benton! Podcast has the complete list. I’ll edit the post to reflect the additional winner.


I’m glad forkz made sure to point out the war between firebug and berserker. God help the poor sod using nightvision when someone decides to ignite absolutely everything.


For reals. It can only be worse with a sharpshooter trying to land headshots while everything is burning. Thankfully, we aren’t there…yet…