#6: No Disassemble


rew1red and SOCRATEZ celebrate some very major accomplishments in their lives. The gang discusses a myriad of differing topics including Hitchbot’s untimely demise, the DOTA 2 International, f0rkzcon and Quakecon recaps and much more! Tune in to hear it all.

  1. Congratulations, rew1red! You didn’t mention graduating! =O That’s a super win, yo. \m/
  2. Doc Soc! <3!
  3. I haven’t been able to listen to f7CAH because hardcore NSFW.
  4. Dreamhack Texas? Won’t all their players melt?
  5. I wish we had gotten to go to f0rkzcon =(
  6. The International 5, I look forward to next session discussing the “soundproof booths” and the drama/srs problems related to some teams not being required/enforced to wear headsets causing improper results.
  7. Tablet destruction video inc? You can’t send batteries by mail.
  8. Re: poor lion: There aren’t SEVEN POINT THREE BILLION lions in the world. >.>


I had to be that guy to keep the discussion funky fresh :slight_smile:

There will be more! Don’t you worry!! (We are also planning on setting up a bridge for some Artemis funtimes!)


Please follow the included instructions to replace or dispose of your old tablet.

We’ll see! Just got the email notification that the new tablet is on its way. Should be here Thursday!