#5: F7 Against Humanity


This week is a special edition of the F7Cast. F7 sits down to play the most offensive game, Cards Against Humanity. Obviously we need to put a huge disclaimer on this episode. Be warned, this is quite an offensive/NSFW/NSFL episode. Still with us? Ok, good. Sit down, relax, have a few brews, and listen to what happens when F7 plays Cards Against Humanity together.

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Be warned, this is a 2 and a half hour episode filled with drunkenness and some awful-ly fun humor!


Remember, we could do this for a game night.

Cards Against Humanity


f0rkzcon came and went last weekend XD

There will be more f0rkzcons once the LAN room is up and running.


We talked about it at the LAN duder!



That helps keep dates :smile:


Quakecon weekend :stuck_out_tongue:


“Sorry I can’t count Mr. Asian but at least I can park my car”


There will be more man.


KORNQUEEN WINS cards against humanity