3d printed thingies




I need an F7 logo paperweight for science reasons.





Imma need that octopus.

Also the f7 logo paperweight thingy of doom. That too.


3d printed songs as sculptures

I said on facebook that if I were a recorded artist, it’d be really tempting to have one of these.

“Oh, you got one of those 3-d printed sculptures? Yeah, that’s my grammy.”


one of 4 parts of a boat i’m printing sub set area was just to hard to make go away so i didn’t when i finish the rest i will post it. look for it in like 6 days… 19 hour prints ahoy!(this took 9)


Nice, what kind of delta printer is that? We are currently building @rew1red a Kossel XL so really curious.


But can I buy guns for Dosh from it?


it’s a rostock max v2 need to print new spool holder


3d printed redneck rocket


Hm. If anyone wants an f7 paperweight, I can churn a few out.

I don’t have a lot of filament types to choose from, so your choices are pretty much black or white. :slight_smile:


Black, always


Yes so much yes.


Ok, I already have an old 3D model of the logo. I’ll export it and get a couple printed. PM me your address.



Care to share the stl file?


Sure, PM me your email. STL and ZIP aren’t allowed file types for upload here.


That’s a fixable problem :slight_smile:
Give it another shot.


f7.stl (471.6 KB)

Here you go.


Thanks Korben. :smiley:

Just upgraded from ramps to a smoothieboard and the hotend to a e3d v6.
both solid investments so far.