#2: Solar Powered Pitchforks


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This week: SOCRATEZ gets a little too excited about the World Cup. The gang talks advances in solar powered flight. And finally, they dare to tread into the controversy that is Reddit politics.

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Hahahaha I loved the review game. XD


I am the reigning champ!


Glad to hear. I’ll make sure to bring it back in a later episode.


Please tag it if it ends up being NSFW. >.> Unless we just have to assume that that’s teh case for all f7 cast?


Probably the case for most of the language used during the podcast.


The show is labeled as Explicit on iTunes for a reason.


THAT! That is the fucking photo I was trying (poorly) to reference.


Dear lord its even worse than you made it sound. I thought it was just one of those things where the background wall had logos.


Nope, it literally looks photoshopped. It is THAT bad.


Looking at the picture more closely, I like how he looks like an angrier Jared the subway guy.