#16: Haunted Driverless Cars


In this week’s episode, we review the free to play alpha, Dungeon Defenders 2, an update to the punchable CEO comes about, we talk about the science behind scary video games, and the ethics behind decision making in driverless cars. Stay tuned for another SOCRATEZ game at the end!


We play a round of “WTF Japan!?!” which is pretty amusing and much less damning than that time @SOCRATEZ tried to call @rew1red and I psychopaths.


No, just you. I was just… odd.


It’s worth noting, yes the primary selling point is cosmetic skins, but the other big sell through the cash shop is inventory bags.


Yeam the four bags only seems like plenty…until you start loot whoring after the campaign.


Those other game modes you were talking about during the episode also makes it a huge issue. In a given map I may fill 3 bags worth.


Very true, the campaign is pretty normal but doing free play drops insane loot.