#10: its not a monkey!


Voldenae enters the scene with her anthropology credentials to talk about the new human ancestor. SOCRATEZ and rew1red geek out about Pokemon with the announcement of Pokemon Go.


@SOCRATEZ is the “large” man the equal space of the same 5 humans?


And Voldenae STILL doesn’t know how Pikachu evolved to Raichu.


Also, I have the articles saved if anyone is interested in the H. naledi and for some reason hasn’t seen a single news or social media site.


Pretty sure it is a rock candy or thunderstone that does the trick.

Definitely the thunderstone. Rock candy increases the pokemon’s level by one.


I’d rather get an article that isn’t buzzfeed. Feel free to link!


I actually have several. The articles are pretty straight forward and easy to understand (and if you’re a nerd like me, super entertaining).

National Geographic

CNN This one even has a video of part of the story.